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MultiPurpose Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Technical Manual

Construction Details

View Construction Details .PDF

Floor and Roof Panels

Non-Load Bearing Wall Panels/Wall Panel Connections

Horizontal Non-Load Bearing Wall Panels

• Interior Column Detail

• Parapet Detail

• Window Opening Detail

• Door Opening Detail

• Overhead Door Opening Detail

• Corner Column Detail

• Interior Column Detail with Channel Clamp

• Corner Column Details

• Architectural Window Opening Details

Vertical Non-Load Bearing Wall Panels

• Parapet Detail

• Intermediate Beam and Window Opening Detail

• Fire Wall Detail

Foundation Details

• Monolithic Slab

• Monolithic Slab with Concrete Curb

• Stem wall

• Stemwall with Concrete Curb

Wall Panel Connections

• Wall Plate Anchors

Load Bearing Vertical Wall Panels

Load Bearing Vertical Wall Panels

• Load Bearing Vertical Wall Panel System

• Wall Section with Roof Panels

• Wall Elevation at Window

Blocks and Lintels

Exterior Walls

     Single Story Walls

• Exterior Wall with Tie-Down in Core

• Exterior Wall with Door Opening

• Exterior Wall with Window Opening

     Two Story Walls

• Exterior Wall with Steel Bar Joists

• Exterior Wall with Wood “I” Floor Joists

     Foundation Details

• Monolithic Slab with Foundation Anchor

• Stemwall with Foundation Anchor

• Existing Monolithic Slab with Epoxied Anchor

• Monolithic Slab with J-Bolt

Electrical/Plumbing Installation

Electrical Installation

• Plaster Finish over Electrical

• Gypsum Board on Furring Strips over Electrical

• Gypsum Board over Electrical

Plumbing Installation

• Plumbing Chase

Cabinet Section

• Cabinet Section

Fastening Details

• Exterior Door Jamb

• Interior Door Jamb

• Window Jamb

• Interior Trim

• Interior Framing Connection

• Garage Door Jamb

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